Your Hookup Kit: Essentials You Need to Have on Hand

You can sign up for as many matchmaking and hookup sites as you want, but until you actually have a woman come over to your place for a hookup or you meet up with the intention of having casual sex, you might not realize that you needed to be prepared for the occasion. There are some things you need to have on hand so that you can make the most of each hookup that you have. Whether you’re meeting up with a woman at her place or you’re bringing her back to your place, having the right things on hand can help the hookup go much more smoothly. Here are some of the things that you really need to have on hand in order to make a hookup go much more smoothly every time you hook up: Plenty of Different Types of Condoms “Make your choice” Obviously, having condoms on hand is important for a hookup to go smoothly. If you have plenty of different types of condoms on hand, you’ll be prepared for every possibility. You won’t need to worry about a hookup not going through because you didn’t have protection. Plus, if she has a latex allergy or anything like that, having a variety of condoms to choose…

Worst Places to Meet up with Someone from a Matchmaking Site

Meeting up with someone you met on the Internet can be a bit of a harrowing event. You never really know what you’re going to wind up with, even if you think you know what she’s supposed to look like. Sometimes women will use old or outdated pictures and you can wind up getting an unpleasant surprise. Still, there are more serious safety concerns you need to keep in mind. Meeting up with a stranger is never an entirely safe thing to do, and there are some places you should never use to meet up for the first time. It just won’t be safe to do so. Your safety is important, so when you’re looking to meet up with someone from a matchmaking site for the first time, here are the worst places to do it and why they’re a bad idea. A Hotel or Motel Room Meeting up in a hotel or motel room probably seems logical to you, and in a way, it is. Obviously you want to hook up, and meeting up in a motel or hotel room makes it easier to get it started. However, there can be quite a bit of danger to meeting up in a hotel or motel room. First of all, it…

Why You Should Use Matchmaking Sites To Find Love

There is a simple and undeniable science to matchmaking websites that should not be ignored if you’re truly looking for that special someone. Their thorough questionnaires and relationship calculators are designed to help you find your perfect match from the start and will help you get past many relationship obstacles that many couples stumble through before you even start dating! Questions like how many children you want or if you’re interested in marriage are answered and paired with women who are interested in the same thing. There’s more to love than that of course, but matchmaking sites give you a much better fighting chance than walking into a bar or social gathering and having to fend for yourself among a small picking of women who happen to be there. Using online matchmaking sites will blow open your dating pool and have you interacting with women you wouldn’t meet anywhere else! And don’t worry you can even specify your dating radius to make sure a magical lady you might meet isn’t too far away to make a relationship work. Why You Should Tell The Truth On Your Profile “Trust is the biggest factor in a relationship, be honest to her” It’s important to tell the truth about yourself. Showing you have…

Why You Should Use Matchmaking Sites To Get Laid

“Impress women with your profile” So many websites nowadays are littered with promises of getting laid, but the problem is that so few of them feature women willing to actually meet up and have sex with you. Most real women who are looking for love online frequent matchmaking websites and are eager to meet up with you to find the man of their dreams. You don’t have to be perfect to have sex a few times and move on to the next willing lady when this one gets too clingy. The simple truth is there are women willing to have sex on these websites! Be aware of their desperation for something more, but at the same time you can use that to your advantage. Women are more willing to meet up and eventually have sex in person if they think there’s a chance you will actually date them. It’s easy to pretend to be serious when your reward is endless blowjobs and sexual favors. There are more women on these sites willing to meet you than you can imagine! Simply be prepared answer a few questions in your profile dishonestly. What You Should Say In Your Profile To Get Sex Basically talk about your commitment and passion as a lover.…

Why You Should Lie About Wanting A Long-Term Relationship

It’s hard to find women who are willing to keep a relationship casual, but if you’re willing to lie about your level of commitment that doesn’t have to matter! It’s no secret most women are looking for a man who will be with them forever, but you don’t have to actually want to be with them forever to say that you do. You’re likely to get a much better girlfriend if you’re willing to say you want a long-term relationship. Also there are many more women to choose from. It’s relatively easy to break up with anyone if you decide you’re not interested anymore, you can always claim you wanted it to last but things just didn’t work out. You might be surprised and actually find someone you want to stay with, in which case great she’s already interested in that! But probably not, let’s be real! It’s more about getting a better quality date if you can deal with a little clinginess! Women Who Think You’re Theirs Will Do More For You “Faking your commitment helps you get anything from her” When women think you’re committed, they’re more inclined to do nice things for you. She might make you lunch or give you a great blowjob when you get…

Why You Should Keep Your Sex Life Fresh

“Sex keeps your relation passionate” It’s important to keep the passion alive in any relationship and keep things from getting too vanilla. You want to make sure you don’t get in a sexual rut, which is the fastest way to lose passion in any relationship. Pay attention and spice things up when it starts to feel dull between you. You may have a favorite position, but try other new positions now and then to keep things lively and give yourself a chance to appreciate the things you love most another time. Use these opportunities to increase communication and understanding between you and your partner. Now is the time to admit to fantasies or come up with quirky sexy things to try because you can. You may be surprised by what your partner wants from you, women can be pretty naughty themselves when it comes to intimate sex. Discuss Your Inner Fantasies With Each Other “Always try and fulfill one another’s fantasies for increased intimacy” It’s a great time to come clean about that kinky fantasy you’ve always wanted to try and ask your partner to fulfill it with you. Is there an outfit you want to see her wearing? A particular sexual position you want to try while she’s wearing…

Why You Can Never Change From Long-Term to Short-Term In Relationships

As much as we can push relationships of passion further, it can be much messier to try and scale them back. Once we have made a commitment and been sexual with someone it can be hard to see them and not want to return to those moments of passion. For many, it is simply not possible. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having committed to a long-term relationship and wanting to be less serious your partner will more than likely have a problem with it. It’s really not possible to come across in a positive way when you tell someone you want to be less serious about them. Many people will tell you to get lost if you suddenly feel less strongly about them. You may not want to lose your girlfriend, but she might dump you if you try to scale things back. Taking The Open Relationship Approach “Keeping an open relationship would be less insulting than break up” If you seriously just want to keep having sex with her and don’t care what she does, you could try suggesting an open relationship. You can claim you want to be with her forever, you just want to be with other people too. This has the potential…

Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Dating Profile

If you find yourself having a hard time attracting a possible match on any of the various matchmaking websites you’ve signed up for you may want to look over your profile again. It’s common for men to sabotage their profiles when first signing up for dating websites without meaning to. Be sure to include only positive information about yourself and don’t go out of your way to put yourself down in your own profile. Be sure to upload friendly looking profile pictures and not act too mysterious in your description of yourself. You want to create an image of yourself that women can fall in love with and you won’t do that with dorky photos and self-criticism. You don’t have to lie and claim to be great at things you are not, but you can find more positive ways to describe yourself to the Internet at large that will prove more successful in attracting women. Negativity and Excuses Are Always A Turn Off “Stop whining about your previous relationships, it will frustrate her” Be aware of how you phrase things in your profile and be sure to avoid negative language or make up long winded explanations that read more like excuses than interesting information about yourself. You don’t have to…

Ways To Tell If You Are Ready For A Long-Term Relationship

“You will feel it in your heart” You’ve probably been a bachelor most of your life, happier to find a new date each week than commit to any one woman. But somewhere along the way the same old act has gotten old and no longer seems to satisfy. You’re not sure you’re ready for love, but you’re certainly bored of the shallow relationships you’ve been involved in all this time. You find yourself considering words like ‘meaningful’ or ‘different’ when you think about what you want in future relationships. You might not know it yet, or you’re just beginning to realize that you want more from your relationships than flings. This is actually a great thing even if it feels totally foreign to you at first! It can get tiring to meet new women and seducing them all the time, or you might be getting to that age where it’s just not possible and you need a relationship that goes beyond looks. Here are more signs you’re ready to settle down and need to realize and accept that about yourself. The Idea Of Meeting New People Makes You Tired You’ve done it all before, literally. You’ve met and been with so many people you yawn while thinking of pick up…

Ways to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Hot and Steamy

As far as a lot of people are concerned, long distance relationships are doomed to fail. This is because they require a lot of effort to maintain while at the same time, both people involved are missing out on some of the most crucial elements of regular relationships. While this does in fact make long distance relationships more inclined to fail, it doesn’t mean that they’re all going to end badly. In fact, many can and are able to last. Many people feel that the lack of intimacy is what makes any kind of long distance commitment prone to failure, but the actual truth of the matter is that you can totally have intimacy between two people even if they are located far apart. All it takes is some ingenuity and patience. Invest in a Webcam “Have a chat with your long distance partner through webcam” In this day and age, most laptops and many desktop computers will come with a webcam attached. However, if you don’t have a webcam, it’s not hard to acquire one for cheap. If you’re planning on using a webcam for the majority of your chats with your long distance partner, you might want to consider splurging a little in this department. Cheap webcams will…

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