3 Things All Women Want in Their Perfect Man

“Be her Mr. Right”

Some desires are so basic that they span cultures. Some parts of love and compatibility are so distilled and pure that it doesn’t matter what subculture she’s from. A high powered business woman and a sweet lady who just wants to stay home with her kids one day will both have the same sort of standards for the man that they want to marry. By understanding this basic fact of human nature you can try to guess who you’re stacking up in the eyes of any woman you meet. Look at what sort of life she leads, look at how you get on, and see how you’re doing on these three fronts.

A Similar Sense of Humor

When women say that they want a man with a good sense of humor what they really mean is that they want a man with a compatible sense of humor. Women don’t tend to like fart jokes, for example, but that doesn’t mean that the man laughing at them doesn’t have a sense of humor. In fact, the opposite is far more likely. But it also doesn’t mean that just because she thinks that’s a pretty dumb joke doesn’t mean that she’s lacking a sense of humor. There are humor gaps between men and women as a whole, but also between individuals. You can be a really hilarious guy but if your sense of humor and hers don’t overlap she’s not going to see it. If she hates puns and you can’t stop making them she’s not going to think that you’re funny even though you have everyone else in stitches. Unfortunately, there’s just not much that you can do about this. You can’t change your sense of humor and she can’t change hers, so you’re both stuck with the ones that you have.

Reliability and Stability

This doesn’t have to mean that you work a 9 to 5 job and your middle name is “Boring.” All it means is that she can trust you to do what you said that you would. If you say that you’re going to be somewhere at 8, don’t give her a call at 8:30 to say it’s going be another ten minutes. If you say that you can fix something for her make sure that it gets fixed even if you have to take it to a professional. She should think of you as a man who keeps his words and is consistent in the way that he treats her. Don’t flirt with her today and blow her off tomorrow because you’re in a bad mood.

A Sexual Thrill

“Even women enjoy sex as much as men do”

Women like sex too. Sexiness isn’t always on the top of her preference lists, but it does make a difference. Try to make yourself attractive to her. If she says that she likes your hair one way, try to keep it that way for her. If she wants to try something new in bed don’t say “no” just because the old position works out well for you.

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