4 Fibs You Should Tell to Find True Love on a Matching Site

“Life is a game and true love is trophy, Go find one”

This isn’t exactly about lying. You shouldn’t lie to a matchmaking site about anything that’s really important. You should be honest about the way that you handle money, for example. This is the kind of thing that couples really fight about and really break up over. However, there are some less important areas of the quiz where you should fib in order to moderate your responses. If you want to be matched to the widest possible selection of attractive women, here are four fibs that you should tell to make your profile fit the majority, so that only the really important parts are counted.

You Have Creative Hobbies

Ever wonder why that jerk in college who played his guitar between classes got all the women? Ladies love creative hobbies because they show that their man is more than a strong, silent presence. You need to have both intelligence and sensitivity to play a musical instrument, cook great meals, or carve statues out of marble. It really doesn’t matter what great thing you have going for you in other areas if you don’t have this down. This is what sets you apart from the other males. Anyone can bring home the bacon and support her, but you have to have a life of the mind outside of this. If you don’t have any creative hobbies right now, fib that you do and make getting one your top priority.

You Exercise Moderately

Whether you exercise constantly or you only rarely exercise doesn’t matter. You want to put that you exercise moderately. Most days a week you’ll go for a walk. The reason behind this is because if you answer extremely in either direction you’re going to tip the scale of your profile. On the one hand you’re going to be pushing away the great women who don’t go to the gym six days a week, and on the other you’re going to make it seem like how often you can go for a run is equally as important as how you want to raise your kids.

You Drink Moderately

If you drink more than moderately you should probably try to work on that before you get with the woman you want to keep for the rest of your life. On the other hand, you have to consider that people have different definitions of “moderate”. A woman might think that a glass of wine twice a week is moderate, and you might think that’s light. Moderate allows for the greatest range of responses while still being truthful.

Sex Is Somewhat Important

Sex is important for both – men as well as women

Sex is amazing, sex is great, sex is really important. However, here you’re up against the fact that society tells women that they shouldn’t care about sex that much. This means that a woman feels pressure to give the “right” answer and say that she doesn’t care about the sex. You know that she really does (everyone who’s into sex at all cares about sex) so you can say that it’s somewhat important. This gives you access to all those hotties who said it was somewhat important or unimportant.

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