4 Things to Never Put in Your Love Match Profile

If you’re looking for a reason why you haven’t been getting that many hits on your profile, look no further than these four common mistakes. There are a lot of little ways that a guy can go wrong, but these are four almost universal mistakes that can turn your otherwise well-crafted loving match profile into a mistake or an advertisement towards the wrong sorts of women. None of these mistakes seem that serious, but add them together and you have a profile all but guaranteed to drive women away.

How Much You Weigh

“It’ll be odd if you put your weight on dating profile”

This seems like an odd thing to cut from your profile, but when you think it through its even stranger to include it. For one thing, you weight can fluctuate week to week. There’s nothing wrong with thinking that you’re going to be in the 150 range, but it’s a specific number for a nonspecific fact. For another, women don’t really know what that weight looks like. You could be the same height and weight as someone else and look totally different from them depending on where you happen to gain fat deposits and how much of your weight is muscle. It doesn’t help, so just take it out.

How Much Money You Make

The other thing that you should consider cutting is your exact income. For one thing, this just looks kind of tacky. For another there’s a major problem with women who think that they need a certain amount of money to get by. If you don’t make very much in a year women who would otherwise be interested in you might turn you down just because it doesn’t sound like very much. This is true even if they’ve been with men who make as much or less before. On the other hand, make too much and you have to worry that she’s interested in you for your money.

A Picture of Your Pet

“This will be childish to put your dog’s picture in your profile”

You might think it’s great to include a picture of your favourite dog or cat in with your profile, but the truth is that it makes you look lonely. It doesn’t matter how many other photos you have of you laughing with your friends and family, the idea of the “crazy dog guy” and “crazy cat lady” are just too strong in our society. You have plenty to offer another human in terms of companionship, that’s what you’re setting up this profile to prove.

Anything That You Regret

This is the strangest mistake that people make. Don’t include your regrets in your profile, they’re way too personal. You might think that it makes you more empathetic, but really it just makes people uncomfortable. She doesn’t know you yet so she doesn’t want to know these things about you. She only wants to know these things once she’s already gotten to know you. Plus, some of the things you regret might be really heavy and uncomfortable stuff. That’s not the way to win her heart. You want your profile to be cheery and welcoming.

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