Boosting Self-Confidence To Get Laid

If you find yourself having trouble attracting women to you for even a date let alone sex, it may be time to take a look at yourself and see how you’re projecting yourself to women. There are many major pitfalls we as men can make when trying to get sex out of women and a lack of self-confidence is a leading problem. Women classically want men who are confident of themselves and their ability to command the world around them. If you go into searching for women to date with no self-confidence you aren’t likely to attract anyone at all. Even simple things like website profiles can sabotage your self-confidence and damage your chances of finding anyone who will sleep with you. Your best tool in dating is to feel better about yourself. If you feel you need some work in order to project yourself better take steps to make it happen and increase your odds of success in dating and sex.

Get A Manly Makeover

“Impress her with your looks”

It may sound lame, but get a makeover dude! Seriously! Make sure your clothes are fresh and well tailored. Go shopping and try on a few new looks until you find something that just makes you feel good about yourself. Look in the mirror and imagine yourself projecting confidence and having all the ladies swoon for you. Act like you own the place and give attitude with your new style. If you still look a little ruff around the edges it’s high time to visit a barber and get some more grooming done. Get a good shave in and see what they can do with your mess of hair. Go for a clean easy to take care of hairstyle that will attract women and not repel them. Figure out if slightly longer or slightly shorter will look better with your face shape. Look at magazines in the barber’s lobby if you need inspiration. If all else fails, get a female hair stylist and tell her you want to look good for the ladies. A feminine touch might be just what you need to get them flocking to you!

Act The Part To Be The Part

“Impress her with your confidence”

Even if you’re still not feeling to confident in yourself, at least don’t let it show. Act the part of the strong self-confident man and then at least that’s how your date will see you. She doesn’t have to see your self-doubt and shyness if you show her confidence and bold decision-making. What we show to others is what they measure us by, and women will be attracted to you if you project confidence, whether or not you actually have it. Fake it until you make it as some would say, and it’s amazing how well it actually works when trying to get a hot date. Act like you’re good enough and of course she should be interested in you. She’d be crazy to turn you down, you are a hot piece of man flesh! Project that attitude and you’ll have a hot date in no time.

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