Getting the Point across When All You Want is Sex

Anytime you’re out with a woman, she’s going to be wondering constantly whether it’s a date or whether it’s something else. If “something else” is what you’re going for, it’s a good idea to make that clear before things go too far. Otherwise you’re going to run the risk of there being confusion, which in turn can lead to unpleasant things like confrontations or extended periods of awkwardness, both of which suck. On top of that, if you make sure she knows what you’re after up front, it’ll give you more time to find someone else if she decides she’s not willing to put out. Getting the point across when all you’re looking for is sex can make you look like a huge douchebag if you don’t do it right, so you need to know how to do it right.

Use Booze

“Being drunk can be the best way to tell her what you want”

One of the easiest ways to come out and say that all you want is to get laid is to do it after you’ve both been drinking. Alcohol can take the edge off of what you’re saying and also make her more willing to agree to go along with it. There’s a chance of her being insulted if you let her know you’re only interested in her body when she’s sober. That chance of that happening when she’s buzzed or on the verge of getting totally wasted is going to be a lot lower. So if you’re not sure how she’ll react when you tell her that all you really want to do with her is dip your stick, it might be a good idea to wait until she’s had a few drinks first.

Be Up Front

“Tell her your intentions before going to bed”

If you’ve both been flirting with each other like crazy and now it looks like you might seal the deal, you need to make damn sure that you say what you want up front. If you sleep with her without letting her know that you’re not interested in a relationship, she might wake up the next morning thinking she’s found her next boyfriend. To avoid that kind of very awkward situation you need to nip her hopes in the bud. Before you drop your pants and she loses her panties, tell her that you’re not looking for anything long-term. She’ll either be okay with it or she won’t, but at least you won’t end up with a woman who thinks you’re her soul mate just because you slept with her.

Bring Up the Past

If you’ve tried your best to get the point across but she doesn’t seem to be going for it, it might be time for you to bring up your behaviour from the past. This means letting her know just how much you enjoy hooking up. Explain to her how many women you’ve been with and then explain that you weren’t in a relationship with any of them. It might seem like a douche thing to do, but it also might be the best way to get your point across if every other method has failed. Be warned, though-she might think you’re bragging when you tell her all this, and if that’s the case she just might decide to bail on the whole thing.

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