How She Wants to Be Talked To

“Make her feel comfortable and secure”

When you’re attempting to hook up with women, you need to be able to attract them or else you’ll wind up getting ignored or having a drink thrown in your face (or whatever the virtual equivalent might be). One of the major parts of attracting women that you probably never consider is how you talk to her. The way you talk to her can have a huge impact on how attractive you seem, and it’s important to cultivate your tone of voice and how you talk when you’re trying to hook up. Otherwise, you could wind up driving women away without ever really realizing why that is. If you think that this is something you might need to work on, then we have all of the information you need in order to make a positive change and attract more women:

Why This Actually Matters

You might not think that how you talk is actually relevant to how attractive you are to women, and the idea that how you type or text could matter is probably a foreign one to you. However, this is one of the things that women notice about men that you definitely don’t notice about women. If you’re too condescending or casual in your messages to her, you could really upset her and drive her away. Women can be really sensitive about this type of stuff, and you may not even realize that how you’re talking to her could be seen as condescending. Of course, it’s very difficult to convey the proper tone through text, but in person you have no excuse to talk to her the wrong way. If you think you may be having trouble with this, we have some advice that should help.

Finding the Right Tone to Convey

“Be generous while talking to her”

It’s important not to be too condescending to women. This means that you should stay away from babyish nicknames unless you know that she’s okay with it. Calling her babe, baby, or girl when you don’t really know her is pretty much a surefire way to ensure she doesn’t listen to you at all. Be sure to listen to what she says to you, and try not to act like she’s stupid or anything like that. Women can pick up on this in an instant, and you’ll be out of luck before you know it. Go for a casual and playful attitude so that she feels like you’re being sincere.

How You Can Improve Your Hookups like This

Of course, how you talk to a woman can have other uses, too. If you’re feeling particularly frisky, you might want to try working on your Dom voice. Basically, women can be really turned on by how a guy talks to her. You may want to try telling her how good you’re going to make her feel and act like you would worship the ground she walks on if she asked you to. This can be such a huge turn-on for women that you may just be surprised by how well it works. Give it a shot next time you’re hooking up, it might drive her wild!

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