How To Avoid Women Who Are Looking For Commitment

“Define the limits of your casual relationship”

It’s difficult enough to meet women these days, but even more so if you are looking to keep things casual with your lady friends. Most women, especially true as they age, are looking for a man who is willing to commit to them and settle down for the long haul. For many of us bachelors the idea of being caged in immediately is not a comforting one and it can be of utmost importance to avoid such women. Unfortunately they are everywhere on the dating scene – at bars, at social gatherings, even in the online chat rooms and dating websites. They want your first conversation together to be about moving in together, marriage and your perfect number of children. While we as men can simply date and dump such women, it may be wise to look for early signs a woman may be aggressive to settle down or conversely, signs a woman will be chill and give you the space you need.

Signs She Will Try And Trap You As Soon As She Can

“Clear the things out before she asks for commitment”

It can be difficult in the first stages of meeting someone to notice warning signs, especially ones that are disguised as being overly friendly or agreeable. For instance, if she asks to meet your friends that’s not a bad sign, but if she gets super pushy about it that’s a sign she’s trying to get more influence over your life. Once she meets your friends she’ll be able to judge them and give reasons she might not want you to hang out with them. Also pressuring you to meet your family is a sign she’s trying to stay for the long haul. Asking you for more details of your life makes it clear she is interested in you, but that’s not what you want in a fling. Don’t let her charm her way into your life when she should really only be charming her way into your bed. She doesn’t need a spare set of your house keys or even your personal email. Be sure to set your boundaries and if she isn’t ok with them, let her go her own way. You don’t need a woman in your life who is trying to tie you down.

What To Look For In A Casual Fling

What you don’t want may be obvious, so how do you attract a sexy women willing to give you your own life and space? Contrary to popular belief there are women out there who just want to keep a relationship casual and use you for sex occasionally. Look for such women in a casual setting, like a bar but observe her behaviour before approaching. You want a woman who is confident and your chances are better if she is alone. Willingness to go out alone means she’s less likely to be a clingy person. Avoid the women who flock together in large groups as they crave attention and will direct that on you when dating. It’s even better if she plays hard to get just a bit and doesn’t come off too easy or desperate.

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