How to Decipher What She’s Really Looking for from Her Profile

Reading dating profiles can sometimes seem like a difficult task. After a while, they start to all blend together and you may not really be sure what you’re looking at anymore. While that’s normal, it is definitely not going to help you find the right kind of woman for you. There are certain things that a woman’s profile can say about her, and it might not be in flashing letters at the top of the page. If you’re looking for something specific from your time on a dating and matchmaking website, you will want to learn how to decipher and decode what she’s really trying to say in her profile. Here are some things she might be looking to get from her time on the site and how you can tell that’s what she’s after:

She’s Looking for a Casual Boyfriend

If a woman is looking for a casual boyfriend, it should usually be pretty obvious on her profile. She talks about wanting someone to hang out with and mentions what she’s looking for in a boyfriend. Seems obvious, right? But what’s to make you think she’s not looking for serious commitment? Basically, you need to look at how serious she seems about it. If she doesn’t seem like she’s looking for something that lasts too long, she’s probably not looking for commitment. If she spends more time talking about wanting to have a good time than wanting someone to accommodate her needs and stay with her for a long time, that should be your sign that she’s just looking to date casually. This is usually true of younger women, so keep an eye on her age – that could make a difference in what her profile is really trying to say.

She’s Looking to Hook Up

"Okay! So, she just wants a hook up"

“Okay! So, she just wants a hook up”

A woman looking to hook up isn’t going to be too obvious about it on her profile, but it should still be pretty easy to figure out if that happens to be what she’s looking for. She’s not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about boyfriends or commitment or what she wants to do on dates. She’ll be a lot more casual, but be careful – women who are just looking to hook up are also going to be a lot pickier. It’s dangerous to meet strangers from the Internet to date, much less to hook up, so make sure to make her comfortable with you.

She’s Looking for Commitment

"Read her profile carefully and try to catch her view point"

“Read her profile carefully and try to catch her view point”

If she’s looking for something more serious, it should usually be pretty clear. She’ll talk about what her plans for the future are and how she’s been looking for someone to share her life with. She may even discuss that she’s not looking to date someone casually. Women like this tend to be pretty serious about only dating guys they want to potentially marry, so keep that in mind before you think you can still trick her into a one-night stand. It isn’t likely to happen, and there are plenty of other more casual fish in the sea.

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