Signs That a Long-Term Relationship is What You Want

At one point in your life or another, you’ve probably decided that all you need from women is the occasional steamy hook up. Maybe you were even lucky enough to find a woman who wanted the very same thing you did: sex with no strings attached. If you’re living the dream, you might think that you’re good to go for a while. But what happens when the way that you feel starts to change? Is it because you’re looking to get out of the situation, or is it because you want something more. If you’re not sure which of these is the problem, you have to learn to take a closer look at what you think and what you want.

You Miss Her

“He seems to be thinking about her girlfriend”

In sex-only relationships, you’re usually only going to crave your partner’s company when you’re horny and you want a fix. If you start missing her when she’s not around even when you’re not looking to get laid, it’s a sign that maybe you’ve developed some affection for her that you didn’t expect. How you feel about this is going to depend entirely on what you’re looking for in regards to your love life. Do you want a girlfriend? Or are you content with the way things have been going with only having a sex-buddy? If you’re okay with the idea of spending more time with her it might be an indicator that you’re actually looking to form some kind of commitment with her. On the other hand, if the fact that you miss her worries you, it’s probably a sign that you’re not looking to get tied down at all.

You Want to Date

“You want to date her rather than just sex?”

There’s hooking up and then there’s dating. Guys who like to be romantically unattached tend to prefer the former. If that’s where you used to be but suddenly you like the idea of spending more time with her in the form of dates, it’s a good sign that maybe on some level you’re interested in a relationship that’s more committed, stable, and long-term. Of course, just because you want to start dating officially doesn’t mean that she will, so be prepared to get shot down. She might prefer to keep things on the hook up level only and if that’s the case you’re going to have decide if you’re okay with being just sex buddies or if you want to try to push for something more

You Want to Do Little Things

Wanting to do simple things with her can be a sign that you’re viewing her as relationship material, as well. Thinking about how much you’d enjoy making dinner with her is a good example, or taking your respective pets out for a walk. This might seem trivial until you consider the fact that before, you only wanted to be around her when you wanted sex. Now you’re thinking about enjoying even the littlest things in her company, which proves that she’s become more to you than just someone you shack up with every now and then. If you’re interested in seeing if she feels the same way, you should try to get her to do those little things with you. If she seems to enjoy them as much as you do, it’s time to see how she feels about taking things to the next level.

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