Taking A Short-Term Relationship Further

“Do you want to be more than friends?”

It was just supposed to be a quick fling, and you’re usually great at that sort of thing! But somewhere along the way with this woman you fell hard and suddenly don’t know what to do about it. Last you guys spoke, you were keeping things casual but suddenly you want something more. You’ll have to open yourself up to her to truly win her heart but you shouldn’t rush into anything. With a woman this cool, you’ll need to play your cards right to win her over for the long term. Consider what she does and doesn’t like and look for small ways to increase intimacy when you see her. Lingering touches or looks are good way to convey passion without getting cliché. Start to press your luck in little ways like asking to spend the night after sex or asking her out to dinner before you’re next hook up. Test the waters casually and see how she responds.

It’s Looking Like A Hard Sell

If you don’t find that she’s overly responsive to your simply gestures, it may be time to up your game. Maybe she doesn’t believe your intentions are real until you have the courage to talk to her about your actual feelings. Try asking her out for a romantic evening, making it known you want to take her on a real date and try things out properly between the two of you. If you have to, confess how you feel and ask her to give you a chance. She may warm to the idea when she sees you’re being serious about it. A harder case may be if she’s not sure she wants to commit to you. You’ll have to make a hard sell and make a case for why she should give you a chance. Simply liking her may not be enough. Convince her you can support her, that you understand her need to be independent and respect that but want more of an emotional commitment. Ask her if there’s something you can do to change her mind or have he give you a chance.

Taking Your Time To Get Know One Another

“Spend more time together”

When you’ve already been sleeping with someone it’s important to really slow the relationship down and take and honest chance to get to know one another when you decide to try out a relationship. By all means, keep having amazing sex, but also take time to do romantic things together and discover other sides of each other. You already have a great sense of intimacy together, try slowing it down over a wine tasting or romantic night on the town. Take a vacation together and spend quality time alone together. Engage in pillow talk you used to avoid find ways to connect outside of the bedroom. Don’t worry about friends and family for now, just focus on each other and making sure you can both make something more from your relationship together. Sexual chemistry doesn’t always translate to a relationship so be sure to make a real effort to connect and see if you can be something more.

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