The Best Type of Pictures to Text Her

When you’re trying to get a woman’s attention on a matchmaking or dating site, you want to make sure that she gets the right image of you. That means that you want to send her pictures that will grab her attention and attract her to you. If you fail to do that, you’re not going to wind up getting many chances with the women you’re interested in. plus, there are just some types of pictures that are going to get a woman’s’ attention much more effectively than others. If you’re looking for a way to attract women from personals sites or matchmaking sites, here are the type of pics you should send her:

Pictures of You with Your Pet or While You’re Doing Your Hobby

“If cooking is your hobby, then you can easily impress her”

If you’re going to text her a picture, you should go for something she hasn’t already seen on your profile or personals ad. That means that sending her a picture of you with your dog or cat or whatever pet you have is a good idea. These aren’t usually the best types of pictures to put on your dating profile, but they can be cute to text her if she’s already interested in you. Plus, sending her pictures of you doing your hobby – whatever that might be, surfing, paragliding, what have you – can be a good way to start a conversation too. It may not show off your face or body in as much detail as you would like, but if she’s already seen pictures of then there’s no reason to keep sending her close-up glamour shots. Give these types of pics a try and see what kind of conversations you can start with her.

Pictures of You with Your Friends

“This reflects that you are full of life”

Sending her pictures of you with your friends is a good idea since it shows her that you DO have a social life. Hopefully she won’t find any of your friends more attractive than you, of course – but still, sending her pictures of you and your group of friends is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. She’ll likely enjoy it more than getting another picture of your abs or a selfie, so make sure to give it a shot if you’re not sure what to show her.

Nudes ONLY if She Asks or Sends Them First

Obviously, texting a woman you’re interested in pictures of your naked body can be a sexy way to get things started. However, you should only do it if you ask her and she says she’s interested in it, or she asks you to send nudes or sends them to you first. It’s not something you should send out of the blue, since it can be an unpleasant surprise for her. Make sure to work your way up to sending dick pictures, since there’s plenty of other pictures you can send her first to get her excited. Sending her a picture of your abs or your arms can be just as sexy if you go about it the right way. Sending her a picture of your bulge is a good way to sext her without giving her the full Monty right away, too.

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