The Generic Outline of Any Woman’s Perfect Man

“Every woman wants a Mr. Right”

Women aren’t all the same, but it is possible to look at relationship trends and say that, in theory, they all want pretty much the same thing. There are some things that are just too common to be random chance. Instead they’re the things that women really want rising to the surface of the relationship so that the ones that have these in common are the relationships that last. If you can look at a woman you’re dating or that you were paired with on a dating site and point out where you fit this outline for her you know that you and she have better odds of going the distance than anyone else.

He’s More Educated than She Is

Women like to marry a man who has had more education than she has. This means that more women who didn’t go to college want to marry a man who did, and so on. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he always has to have more. Plenty of women marry men who have the same level of education that she does. What’s more rare is seeing a woman with a man who is below her educational level. If she got her bachelor’s degree, it’s rare that she’s going to marry someone who never even went. If she has a master’s degree it would be rare if she married someone who dropped out before they got their Bachelor’s.

They Earn Equal Amounts of Money

Despite wanting someone who did at least the same amount of schooling that she did (and preferably more) women don’t actually want their husbands to be the breadwinners of the family. They want to make about equal money with their spouse. This can vary from person to person; there are still plenty of women who wouldn’t mind being stay at home moms if their husband could totally support them in a level of comfort that they want from life.

“There is a perfect understanding between couples who earn equally”

Earning the same amount also ties into the fact that women tend to see money more as “our” money instead of “yours” and “mine.” When both parties contribute equally to the flow of resources it’s easier for women to think of it collectively and make collective decisions about it. It should be noted however that women are more comfortable when a man makes more than they are; couples where the woman earns more are markedly unhappy as a whole.

He Has Opinions That Challenge Hers

Women don’t want a man who’s going to take the lead on everything, but they don’t want a man who’s going to just agree with everything she says. Women would rather have a man who’s occasionally frustrating than one who’s bland. Your opinions should be similar enough that you can find common ground. They shouldn’t be carbon copies. Women find that to be boring. The perfect man has enough will of his own that he can constantly force her to think and interact with the world. She’s looking for a man who can keep up with her.

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