The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Send Nudes

When you’re trying to get a woman’s attention and spice things up with your relationship, you have probably been tempted to start sending her nudes at some point. No matter what type of site you’re using – a personals site or a general dating or matchmaking site – you will run into this same conundrum when you’re getting closer to the women that you want to hook up with. What’s the right way to send her some sexy pictures of yourself? You don’t want to upset her or annoy her by sending nudes in the wrong way or at the wrong time, since this can put a wrench in your relationship to say the least. It’s important to learn how to send nudes to her the right way so that you can really make sure you get the most out of your relationship with here. There’s definitely a right and a wrong way to go about it.

The Wrong Way: Sending It to Her Randomly

“Don’t think you’ll always get a positive response”

If you want to get a good response from a woman, the last thing you should do is hit her up with a random nude picture. You might think this will get some kind of positive response, but almost always it will wind up getting you blocked or ranted at. Women don’t want to get random nude pictures texted or sent to them, and if you do this, you could really ruin your chances with her and also anyone she tells about the incident. Sending nudes to her randomly is a bad idea because she’s not going to appreciate it AND because she may even spread them around or send them to people you don’t want seeing them. Keep them to yourself and don’t send them to a random girl when you get horny.

The Right Way: Asking Her if She Actually Wants to See Them

“If she agreed to nude pictures then send as many you want”

Asking her if she wants to see the pictures, however, is a different matter. Always try to have the courtesy of making sure she actually wants to see the pictures before you send them. Asking her if she wants to see pictures of you isn’t good enough, since she’ll assume you mean clothed pictures. Ask her if she wants to see some sexy pictures you took of yourself and she should get the hint. If she says no, take it as a no. don’t try to send her pictures despite her refusal. It obviously will not go over well, and it won’t make any womanjump into bed with you.

How to Ask Her to Reciprocate

If you want pictures from her in return, you have to approach the topic carefully. Be polite and respectful of her choices. Remember that most women are just not comfortable giving out their pictures because they deal with so many terrible repercussions if someone misuses them and spreads them to other people. If she doesn’t trust you enough to send nudes, it’s not the end of the world. You just have to work your way up to that type of relationship with her.

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