The Worst Photos to Include in Your Dating Profile

Having the right pictures in your dating profile is a hugely important part of getting women interested in talking to you and meeting up with you. If you have the wrong pictures on your profile, you’re not going to get many responses from women and you won’t get the chances to hook up that you want. It’s very simple to pick the right pictures for your profile if you know what will appeal to women. There are some types of photos that you should just never include in your dating profile, either because they’re not attractive to women or because they don’t give a good enough look at you. If you’re staring at your album of selfies and not sure what to do, we have plenty of information on what pictures NOT to include in your dating profile. Here’s what you need to know:

Blurry or Old Pictures

“Women will not fancy blurred pictures”

Using pictures that are blurry is never a good idea. If all your pictures look slightly out of focus, she’s not going to be able to get a good look at you. Women who see pictures that are blurry or old are likely just going to head back to find someone else’s profile to look at. You want to put your best face forward, so to speak, and you can’t do that if your pictures are blurry. If you really only have blurry pictures, you might want to find someone willing to take better pictures of you. If you only have old pictures, then it may be time to hit up a photo booth to get new ones. Having old pictures on your profile is only going to lead to disappointment if you meet up with her and she realizes you look nothing like what she thought you did. That’s why it is so important for you to have up-to-date pictures on your profile.

Pictures of Your Abs

“Try to keep it simple and smart”

Taking a picture of your sweet six pack probably seems tempting to you, but it isn’t going to have the impact you were probably hoping for. You might think that women will fall over themselves in awe because you showed off your abs, but the truth is that they’re more likely to ignore it than anything else. Thanks to the internet, there are so many pictures of shirtless dudes out there that she isn’t likely to be impressed by it. Try to stay clothed, since she’s going to be more impressed that way.

Pictures That Cut off at the Shoulder

If your profile only has severely cropped pictures on it, she’s not going to pay much attention to your profile. The best pictures to put on your profile will show off more of your body so that she can actually get a feel for what you look like. If all you have is severely cropped pictures, it may be time to invest in a full-length mirror so that she can actually get a feel for what you look like. Take the time to get better pictures because it really does make a big difference in how much attention she’ll pay you.

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