Ways To Tell If You Are Ready For A Long-Term Relationship

“You will feel it in your heart”

You’ve probably been a bachelor most of your life, happier to find a new date each week than commit to any one woman. But somewhere along the way the same old act has gotten old and no longer seems to satisfy. You’re not sure you’re ready for love, but you’re certainly bored of the shallow relationships you’ve been involved in all this time. You find yourself considering words like ‘meaningful’ or ‘different’ when you think about what you want in future relationships. You might not know it yet, or you’re just beginning to realize that you want more from your relationships than flings. This is actually a great thing even if it feels totally foreign to you at first! It can get tiring to meet new women and seducing them all the time, or you might be getting to that age where it’s just not possible and you need a relationship that goes beyond looks. Here are more signs you’re ready to settle down and need to realize and accept that about yourself.

The Idea Of Meeting New People Makes You Tired

You’ve done it all before, literally. You’ve met and been with so many people you yawn while thinking of pick up lines. Just the idea of having to go make that effort is painful. You’re tired of having to put yourself out there so often and you’re beginning to think it’s time for a change. Wouldn’t it be nice to put you efforts into the same person for a while and see what you can build from that? The idea of engaging in a deeper relationship actually appeals to you for once, if only because it’s something different. You don’t have to be married to the idea of forever to try and make something last for a while and see if it’s for you. It certainly beats hitting the bars and dating sites again all the time. Warm yourself up to the idea and try it out. Even keeping a relationship for two weeks could be a major accomplishment for you! At least it gives you something to work toward to dull those feelings of monotony.

You Often Think Of Having A Family

“Having your own world in this big selfish world”

These thoughts catch up to many of us as we get older, and while it’s clich√© it can be true. As we start to think about wanting a family of our own, we have to at least entertain the idea of being serious enough with a woman to make that happen. Casual flings won’t help you towards your goal of settling down and it may be time to shift gears and look for someone you can be with for awhile. At least long enough to have a few kids before you get sick of each other. Just kidding, it’s better to give your search an honest effort and find someone you can live with and have a family with. If you can’t set your bachelor ways aside for that, you might as well resign to shallow romance for the rest of your life.

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