Why You Should Keep Your Sex Life Fresh

“Sex keeps your relation passionate”

It’s important to keep the passion alive in any relationship and keep things from getting too vanilla. You want to make sure you don’t get in a sexual rut, which is the fastest way to lose passion in any relationship. Pay attention and spice things up when it starts to feel dull between you. You may have a favorite position, but try other new positions now and then to keep things lively and give yourself a chance to appreciate the things you love most another time. Use these opportunities to increase communication and understanding between you and your partner. Now is the time to admit to fantasies or come up with quirky sexy things to try because you can. You may be surprised by what your partner wants from you, women can be pretty naughty themselves when it comes to intimate sex.

Discuss Your Inner Fantasies With Each Other

“Always try and fulfill one another’s fantasies for increased intimacy”

It’s a great time to come clean about that kinky fantasy you’ve always wanted to try and ask your partner to fulfill it with you. Is there an outfit you want to see her wearing? A particular sexual position you want to try while she’s wearing it? Take turns discussing and fulfilling one another’s fantasies for increased intimacy and the opportunity to make your sex life really exciting! You may discover elements of yourself and your partner you didn’t realize you were attracted to as you explore your fantasies. Some things may be less exciting then you anticipated while something you never thought of that your partner suggested might really turn you on. Don’t be afraid to employ toy play and really get naughty with each other.

Doing The Same Thing All The Time Is Boring

It’s a fact that repeating the same sexual experience over and over again gets old fast. You can risk your relationship by letting your sex life dwindle to a monotonous game of give and take. What once seemed full of passion will feel routine and not at all special. Spice up your sex life so that you get a different experience every time. You’ll both feel more engaged and fulfilled by your time together when you get rid of the monotony of repetitive sex. It may take a long discussion to get yourselves on the right track again, but wanting to express passion is usually well received so don’t be afraid to speak up for a better sex life!

Discover New Kinds Of Pleasure Together

The best part about fun and new sex is finding out new things you both like and can enjoy together. Don’t be afraid to make a mess or try something you end up hating! Along the way you’ll both run into things that work for you and things that don’t. It’s best to keep a level head and laugh of the experiences that don’t work out. You’re exploring new territory together, there’s no need to place blame if a particular position doesn’t work or isn’t enjoyed. Work together to keep your time together progressive and enjoyable for you both.

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