Why You Should Lie About Wanting A Long-Term Relationship

It’s hard to find women who are willing to keep a relationship casual, but if you’re willing to lie about your level of commitment that doesn’t have to matter! It’s no secret most women are looking for a man who will be with them forever, but you don’t have to actually want to be with them forever to say that you do. You’re likely to get a much better girlfriend if you’re willing to say you want a long-term relationship. Also there are many more women to choose from. It’s relatively easy to break up with anyone if you decide you’re not interested anymore, you can always claim you wanted it to last but things just didn’t work out. You might be surprised and actually find someone you want to stay with, in which case great she’s already interested in that! But probably not, let’s be real! It’s more about getting a better quality date if you can deal with a little clinginess!

Women Who Think You’re Theirs Will Do More For You

“Faking your commitment helps you get anything from her”

When women think you’re committed, they’re more inclined to do nice things for you. She might make you lunch or give you a great blowjob when you get home without expecting anything for it. You may have to listen to her talk and actually take meals together, but a little extra time goes a long way in pretending you’re committed and reaping all the benefits of your relationship. Make it clear you like sex regularly and you’ll be surprised at her willingness to perform to keep you around. Regular sex can have the added benefit of making her less clingy as she has physical confirmation of your relationship in other ways. Often giving women this false sense of security will actually make the relationship much easier to bear if you decide to keep her around for a while.

There Are Simply So Many More Women To Choose From

“Pretend as if you are interested into relationships”

Pretending you’re a decent guy who can commit to a relationship will open up many doors for you. There are just so many more women to choose from if you tell them you will stick around! Most women are looking for loyalty and long-term relationships and if you can pretend to give them that they will agree to date you and have sex with you. You don’t have to stay, but if the sex is good it can be worth appeasing female desired now and then. If you’re crafty you can cultivate multiple relationships at once, just be sure to keep your ladies from meeting or finding out about each other. But your options for meeting women who will have sex with you will broadly diversify if you’re ok with lying and saying you’ll date them for awhile. Don’t promise marriage or anything cruel, but just agree to try it out! That’s often more than enough to satisfy your date, just be careful to keep things casual on your end and refrain from introducing her to friends or family if you can help it.

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