Worst Places to Meet up with Someone from a Matchmaking Site

Meeting up with someone you met on the Internet can be a bit of a harrowing event. You never really know what you’re going to wind up with, even if you think you know what she’s supposed to look like. Sometimes women will use old or outdated pictures and you can wind up getting an unpleasant surprise. Still, there are more serious safety concerns you need to keep in mind. Meeting up with a stranger is never an entirely safe thing to do, and there are some places you should never use to meet up for the first time. It just won’t be safe to do so. Your safety is important, so when you’re looking to meet up with someone from a matchmaking site for the first time, here are the worst places to do it and why they’re a bad idea.

A Hotel or Motel Room

Meeting up in a hotel or motel room probably seems logical to you, and in a way, it is. Obviously you want to hook up, and meeting up in a motel or hotel room makes it easier to get it started. However, there can be quite a bit of danger to meeting up in a hotel or motel room. First of all, it doesn’t allow you any opportunity to meet up with the person beforehand and make sure that she’s who she claimed to be. You just show up in a hotel room. Meeting up in such a private location is not exactly safe for you or her, and it’s something you should avoid. She’s not going to agree to this type of location very easily, anyway, because of the risk for both parties involved.

Your House or Apartment

“She might feel uncomfortable or unsafe at your home”

Inviting the woman you’re interested in back to your place may seem like a good idea at the time, but this is also a bad place to meet up with someone you plan on hooking up with. You have no real idea who’s going to be coming over, and even if she winds up being who she claimed to be, she then knows where you live. This may not be a bad thing if you’re lucky, but in a worst case scenario you could wind up running into quite a bit of trouble if a stranger knows your address. It’s best not to disclose your address to her.

Her House or Apartment

“It’s best to meet up at a public location to ensure safety”

Meeting up at her place may seem safer because you don’t have to worry about her knowing where you live, but it’s still not a good idea. If she agrees to this, it’s not a good sign because no sane woman would willingly allow a stranger to go to her house just to hook up. Plus, you’re not the one that holds the keys to get in and out of the place – she does. It’s just not a good idea to place yourself in that kind of situation. It’s much better to meet up at a neutral and public location to ensure your safety as well as hers.

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