Our A-Z Guide on Meeting the Match of Your Life

If you’re wondering how to meet your match, look no further. Our guide is based off all of our authentic experiences, and we’ve proven that every single one of these tactics work.

It’s worth it.

There’s no use going in blind whenever you’re using these kinds of sites. Matchmaking sites require knowledge and tactics in order to make them work, and we have that for you.

How to Get Matchmaking Sites Working for (not Against) You

The best way to get started with these kinds of sites is to know how to make them work for you. We’ve got a handle on that, so read on for our tips.

Free-to-Use or Subscription: Which Sites Get the Best Results?

There are certain sites out there that are going to be able to give you more and better results, and we know all about that. Our results just don’t lie.

Hard and Fast Facts on Building an Online Dating Persona

An online dating persona is one of the best ways to find your best match online. You do, however, need to understand when to not go overboard.

Your Site Profile: Your First and Most Important Matchmaking Tool

Your site profile is like a job resume. You need to be able to put yourself out there effectively, or you’ll never end up meeting the women you want.

Why a Solid Site Search Function Makes or Breaks Your Dates

If you can’t search for the women that you are really interested in, then there’s no point to the site. That’s a fact that you do need to get behind.

Her Profile Pictures, and What They Say About Her

Being able to read her profile pictures is just as important as the rest of her profile. Here’s why, and furthermore, here’s how we make it happen.

How to Craft an Icebreaker Message to Get Her Chatting Back

The first message is one of the most important messages that you’ll ever end up sending online. Being able to craft that message is absolutely imperative.

Buzzwords That You’ve Got to Keep an Eye Out For in Her Profile

Certain words are definite warning flags that you should be avoiding online. We know all about those, and how to make sure you don’t run into them.

Getting Ignored on Dating Sites? Watch Out for These Common Slip-Ups…

Whenever you’re using dating sites, you don’t want to end up doing any of these things. They will definitely lead to the end result of being ignored.

A Conflict of Interests: How to Work With Conflicting Traits and Hobbies

Maybe there are a few things that just don’t line up between you and your match. Being able to iron all of that out is an important skill to have.

The Hows and Whens of Asking Her for a First Date

Being able to ask her out effectively is going to make a huge difference as to whether or not you actually go out with her. Here’s the how and why.

Cross-Country Romance: Is a Long-Distance Relationship Right for You?

If you want to try out a long-distance relationship, you need to go in with your eyes wide open. We can definitely help you out with those facts.

Unique Date Locations That Will Make a Lasting Impression

The right location is going to make or break your first date, and that’s something that you can’t forget. Here’s how to pick the best first date location, and more.

Digital Dates: Romantic Date Ideas for Long-Distance Lovers

If you’re in the middle of something long-distance, you need to know how to make it last online. We know how to be romantic even over the Internet.

Taxes and Politics: Conversation Topics You’ve Got to Avoid on the First Date

Certain conversations just don’t need to happen when you’re first chatting her up. This will vastly improve your chances of a successful first date.

Damage Control Squad: How to Salvage a Bombing Date

If your date is quickly going downhill, you need to be able to salvage it. We’ve been there, and we know how to turn this sort of thing around, stat.

The Line Between Persistent and Creepy, and How to Not Cross It

There’s always going to be a line that you need to be wary of with online dating, and we’ve been there a few times. Here’s how to avoid it.

Widening Your Focus: Find Your Match Faster By Chatting Up Multiple Ladies

Your match is important, but you need to make sure that you aren’t limiting yourself with just one woman. Chat up multiple women to really make it easy on yourself.

Second Date Cold Feet: How and When to Ask Her for Second Round

If you want to see her a second time after that first date, you do need to know how to ask. Here’s how, and here’s how to make it really work.

Taking Things to the Next Level, and How to Make It Easy

If you want to make your new match into something more, then it’s time to know how to make that happen. We’ve been there, and we know how to get to that point.

Our guide covers everything that you’ll need to know in order to meet the match of your life. Being able to do this in a smart, effective way is definitely the way to go about it.

You won’t waste time.

You’ll be way ahead of the sweaty crowds with our tips and tricks guiding you. It’s not even a matter of them being tricks at the end of the day; these are proven things that work.

We know it because we’ve used the same things over and over in the past. Read our guide, and you’re going to end up being entirely set and ready to go for using these sites.

It’s worth it. We know that it’s worth it because we were there, and we’ve been able to make great use of all of these guides over the past few years. They really do work.

Our Favorite Sites

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Top Picks for Online Matchmaking

#1 Site: Match
#2 Site: eHarmony
#3 Site: Xpress

Worst Sites

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