Review: One Crappy Matchmaking Site For Sure

Sites like honestly just don’t even give a damn about you. The only thing that they’re trying to profit off of is a very poorly made gimmick, and it’s obvious. It’s no good. Here’s the issue we have with this site: we understand a gimmick. Certainly, that gets people to join this site in the first place, but that’s ultimately about as far as it goes. You really aren’t going to see many women on this site, is the thing. Mostly, it’s a ton of dudes with their friends joining up to see who can end up scoring a chick faster. That’s really not cute, and that’s not going to help you meet your match. This is a really sleazy site in a lot of ways, and it made us uncomfortable to even begin using it. It’s mostly empty, too. Because this site only has a novelty effect to it, there’s no real amount of people that stick around until they actually find someone that they’re looking for. It’s just empty. This means that the longer you stick around here, the less likely you are to even begin to find someone that wants to chat with you, let alone meet you in real life at all. This is not… Review: It’s Not a Good Matchmaking Site At All For Us

The website claims to have been around for 15 years, and we believe it, considering how dated the layout works. It’s just not a good site, and that’s clear. It’s awful. The main issue that we really did have with this particular site is that the layout is just god-awful. It hasn’t had a good update in several years, and that really shows. The thing is, if your layout isn’t good, there’s no way anyone is ever going to end up legitimately joining and trying to stick around to actually find the match that they want. We know that we certainly didn’t want to. A site like this is just really going to end up being a chore, and that’s something that became readily apparent to us as time went on. The search features also suck. There’s another glaring issue with this site, and it really does come down to the fact that the search features are just really not what they should be. There aren’t enough options. On a matchmaking site, you really do need to be able to have a powerful search engine to get through all of the members. This is not something that this site has ever had. That’s why it’s mostly just dead, dying,… Review: It’s Not a Good Matchmaking Site in the Least clearly thinks that it can get by with a half-decent layout and absolutely no advertising. Sorry to say, that’s just really not going to be the case in most places. It just sucks. This site doesn’t even try to bring traffic to it, which ultimately leads to a really dead, boring site. What’s the point in even trying to make a site like this one work? It’s honestly a shame, considering the snazzy layout that it starts off with. We’re fairly certain that the site admins spent all their money on that, and on absolutely nothing else. This site is really just lacking in features, and that’s a damned shame. If they had look at any good, reputable matchmaking site, they would have been able to get ideas. There aren’t any here. Because there isn’t anything unique about this site, there’s no real way that anyone will ever be able to get anything done here. It’s unfortunate, but very, very true. We can’t imagine ever trying to stick around long enough on a site like this to meet our match. We’re pretty sure our match didn’t stick around long enough, either. That’s the kind of turnover that ultimately just kills a dating site, and we proved it with our… Review: Why It Just Doesn’t Work as a Matchmaking Site

It’s a fairly rare day that we honestly feel offended about a matchmaking site, but does that for us. It’s just a really big travesty to even see this site up and running. It’s awful. This site claims to only host beautiful people for matchmaking opportunities…but really, what is beauty in the first place? Is there one person that’s objectively beautiful? We were really annoyed with this right off the bat, and it got worse as we started digging into this site. The pool of potentials here is just very, very shallow, and that’s no good. If you have a site that really is discriminatory about how many people join and why they can join, that’s the beginning of the end. It’s just not a good formula for a dating site. It doesn’t work, either. While this site claims to be endorsed by a number of different companies, we’ve yet to really see proof of that. It also just doesn’t know how to run as a dating site at all. Instead, you will mostly find yourself flopping around in circles, desperate to find anyone that will actually reply to one of your messages. That’s not what we want to see. We get online and use these sites in order… Review: A Terrible Matchmaking Site in Every Sense of the Word

The more time that you spend wasting your life on, the more you’re going to end up seeing that this site is very clearly geared towards men…and that just doesn’t work. We hate that. The thing about this site is that it really is just geared towards men in every single way. The layout itself has pretty blond women all over it, and doesn’t even think of real ladies. This means that mostly, you’re going to end up having men join this site. That’s not going to end up being a very positive thing for any woman that wants to have fun here. The ratio is so poor on this site that there’s no real way that you can ever expect to meet your match. It’s just going to end up failing, and that’s not what we want at all. It’s empty. The serious lack of women is something that’s a huge problem with this site for sure, and we’ve proven that with our review. The chances that you’ll be able to meet anyone are slim. We were fairly disappointed with this, but honestly, just one look at the layout proved that there wasn’t going to be a ghost of a chance for anyone here. It’s just not good.… Review: One Terrible Matchmaking Site, and We Proved It

Turning to a site like makes us honestly cringe. It all comes down to the fact that no matter what you do here, it’s going to make you run into a brick wall of failure. It’s a dead site. The moment that you start seeing a site post up a ton of repeat pictures all on the front page is the moment that you know that they’re desperate. That’s just not a good thing. A site should have more than enough numbers to really help you find your match, but this one certainly doesn’t. If anything, it’s almost in the negatives, and that’s scary. We really could tell just from the front page that they’re also operating on a very bare bones layout and a very bare bones interface…which is just not going to cut it. It’s awful. When a site just doesn’t have anything to do on it, there’s no way anyone’s going to stick around. You can’t even interact with most of the people on this particular site. This means that your chances for matchmaking on a site like this one are pretty slim. It’s just an unfortunate kind of site, and one that we aren’t happy about overall. Skipping this one is a good choice. Our… Review: One Terrible Matchmaking Site That We Proved to be Bad is another site that doesn’t even come close to hitting the mark, and it all starts with an incredibly canned layout that no one in their right mind would tolerate. It’s crap. This site has absolutely no substance to it. Not only is the layout just absolutely deplorable and clearly a template that someone snagged, there’s just nothing going on here. There’s no ‘spark’ to this site at all. The idea that you’re actually going to be able to meet people on a site like this one is a joke, considering there’s next to no one around. The more time we spent here, the more we realized that it was literally just a complete and utter wasteland. We were really disappointed to see how empty it was. You have no chance here. The biggest issue with a site like this one is that you’re just not going to end up being able to have the numbers that you need for a viable chance at meeting your match. That’s a huge concern for us every single time that we get onto a slowly dying website. This one is really deplorable, and it’s just very clear that you can’t meet girls here. We were annoyed, but honestly, we saw it coming.… Review: One of the Worst Matchmaking Sites Around Online

The problem with is that it really does rely on the bait and switch technique in order to get people to join. It’s just a lying site, and that’s not what we need. You can’t get your match here. A site like this one ultimately just relies on the lust of men in order for it to survive. That’s basically the exact opposite of why anyone should be joining these sites in the first place. This means that every single time you see busty women on the front page of this site, you better bet that it’s there in order to entice a lot of younger men to join the site. That’s not what appeals to us. Considering that we’re actually looking for our match, that kind of thing definitely is only going to decrease our chances of actually meeting them. It’s no good. The more time that we spent on this site, the more we ended up seeing this sort of thing run rampant. This site also enjoys lying about the location of their members to entice people to join. Considering how many members that they boast they have, we really can’t believe it any more. This whole site is just one big scam and lie, and that’s… Review: A Terrible Matchmaking Site That Made Us Upset

With sites like, you aren’t going to be meeting anyone. This whole site just ends up bombing on us on a daily basis, and that’s because it’s all a scam. It sucks. The thing about this site is that it’s all out for scamming you. They post a ton of fake pictures all on the front page just to get you to join up and spend your money here. There aren’t any real numbers on this site to speak of. What you’re mostly going to end up seeing is the sheer number of men that join for the idea of meeting ladies. That means, of course, that the ratio is really pathetic. There are far more men than there are women, and that means that your chances of meeting your match are very slim. It’s closer to none, really. When there aren’t that many women on a dating site, it’s really going to come down to sheer luck, and that’s not something that we ever feel comfortable depending upon. This is the kind of site that really makes us feel uncomfortable even using it at all. We were really not happy to see these kinds of results when it comes to dating sites. We want actual results. We want… Review: A Terrible Matchmaking Site That We Loathed

Sites like are obviously just a score of fakes and lies. That’s because they put up a ton of fake pictures in order to entice men to join the site and spend money. It’s all a scam. Whenever we use matchmaking sites, we want a real, authentic experience. We don’t want to end up seeing a ton of fakes floating around, because that cheapens it. You can’t end up finding real women on this site, you’re not alone. It’s because of the so-called women even posted on the front page are all fakes, and that’s just sleazy. This kind of setting really makes us want to shut sites like this one down. There’s no point to having them around, especially when they ultimately do nothing but scam you. You won’t get real results here. With a site like this one, you really don’t even need to dig into it properly to see that it’s absolutely and utterly fake. They just keep switching up the locations even on the front page. This kind of bait and switch tactic is going to end up ruining any and all of your chances to actually meet women online. We’re sure of that, and that’s why we can’t stand it. If you want to…

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