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Its terrible layout is a good match for its equally-terrible numbers, as far as its user population goes. The site is simply dead, and doesn't care at all about advertising.

Sites like Mingle2.com honestly aren’t going to ever go out of their way to appeal to a broad spectrum of people. With a dinky, canned layout, they just aren’t even trying.

It’s obvious.

The more time that we spent on this site during our review, the more we realized that it was always going to be slim pickings. There just aren’t that many active members.

Matchmaking SCAM ALERT Image

This is ultimately because the site doesn’t know how to advertise. There’s no real way that any man or woman would want to join a site that’s put together as poorly as this.

With a site like this one, you honestly just have to scratch your head and wonder why anyone would bother. There’s no way to meet your match in such a close environment.

It’s already dead.

Sites that are dead from the start aren’t ever going to end up appealing to anyone. There’s no real thought behind the marketing here, and we aren’t into that.

If you want to end up meeting your match, it’s not going to be on a site that just doesn’t give a damn about you. That’s something that’s very, very clear about this one.

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We were disappointed, but honestly, one glance at how poorly this site was construed, and we knew better. It’s just not worth a single ounce of anyone’s time.

The Numbers Flopped Here

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our Mingle2 review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages to women that we met online.

It wasn’t good at all.

From those 200 messages, only a grand total of 48 responses made their way to our inbox. This was just pathetic, but it at least proved our point about how horrible it was.

From those 48 responses, a grand total of 3 women wanted to supposedly meet up with us. This was really just enough to make us roll our eyes, and we were annoyed.

Obviously, not a single one of them actually ended up showing up. This was really sad, and we were pretty annoyed that this site was even still existing at the end.

Site Features We Couldn’t Hate More

There’s no shortage of ridiculousness that goes on with this site, and the idea that it can actually be worthy of any Mingle2 tips is something that makes us just laugh.

It’s just dead.

Sites that are completely and utterly void of members are definitely dead in our book. This site just doesn’t even try to recruit new people, and that really does show.

We were pretty annoyed with this. When a site like this one just can’t even attempt to bring itself out of the grave, then there’s no reason we want to stick around.

We were very sad and disheartened whenever we saw someone else join this site. There’s just no point, and there’s no way that anyone can meet their match online here.

The Sad News Here

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Mingle2.com Fails as a Matchmaking Site in Spades

Sites like Mingle2.com honestly are just a complete and utter waste of time, and we’re sure of that. We honestly can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to spend time here.

It’s awful.

With sites like this, you have to be able to take one look at them and realize that they just aren’t any good. There’s no point to anything here, and we proved that quickly.

We were very disappointed with. With a canned layout, there’s no way that anyone would ever want to join up, and that’s something that we proved without a doubt.

Moving on from this site is a very good decision, and that’s why we wanted to go back to our number one site, Match.com, almost immediately. We’ve proven that it works.

It’s the best.

Check out our results and you’ll see!

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