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It advertises everywhere, but it needs to start putting those funds into some site maintenance and features, first. This site is bare-bones and almost unusable.

It’s a sad day when everyone has heard about Zoosk.com, but honestly, there’s nothing here at all. This site is pretty dead in the water and full of complete idiots in general.

It’s no good.

Sites that put all of their time and energy into advertising honestly aren’t going to end up getting anywhere unless they can really end up backing that advertising up online.

Matchmaking SCAM ALERT Image

This site might have advertised with the intention of getting both men and women to join, but it just really can’t even come close to getting the numbers that they’re looking for.

Instead, the site mostly is full of half-finished profiles because people started to try and use the site…but then realized that it just isn’t going to end up working for them.

It’s obvious why.

This site is honestly just bones. There’s no real gimmick to it, and there’s nothing that is going to end up setting it apart from the rest of the crappy matchmaking sites.

This site really might try to make you think that it can do the job, but from the numbers that we saw, there’s no way. You aren’t going to have a big enough pool here.

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If you want to meet your match, it’s not going to end up being on a site like this one. This is one site that’s just not going to be able to help you do anything but run away.

The Numbers Made us Sad

We ended up spending a grand total of five months on our Zoosk review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 200 chat messages from ladies that we met online.

It was awful.

From those 200 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 33 responses. This was just pathetically bad, and it definitely proved how awful the whole site was.

From those 33 responses, not a single woman actually wanted to end up chatting us up about meeting in person. This site was really just one of the worst around about that.

We were really frustrated by this site, but the numbers tell all. There’s no way that we were ever going to be successful here, because no one can get their match on here.

Site Features That We Despised

The more time that we spent on this site, the more we realized that nothing here was going to end up adding up for us. No number of Zoosk tips really worked out online.

That’s because it is a crappy site.

Whoever designed this site thought of a funny name first, and then an advertising campaign second. That’s about as far as it went, because it certainly didn’t bring ladies in.

With a site like that, there’s no hope for you or your match. You aren’t going to end up meeting up here because there’s honestly just no one to meet online at all.

We were pretty disappointed by this. This is one kind of site that just rubs us the wrong way, and it’s all because it boasts a great number of results, and delivers none of it.

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Zoosk.com Can’t Live Up as a Matchmaking Site

We ended up really being disappointed with Zoosk.com. This isn’t a site that’s ever going to be able to give you what you want, and that’s because it doesn’t have the people.

It’s obvious.

Even though this site advertises everywhere, it’s just not enough to make people want to join it. There needs to be something unique about the site that’s more than the name.

With that in mind, we were pretty annoyed that we wasted any amount of time here. There’s no way to meet your match on an abandoned site like this one, that’s for sure.

That’s why we highly recommend checking out our number one site instead, Match.com. It’s the best of the best, and we’ve proven that it really gets the job done.

There’s no reason to wait.

We’ve proven that it works!

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