Your Hookup Kit: Essentials You Need to Have on Hand

You can sign up for as many matchmaking and hookup sites as you want, but until you actually have a woman come over to your place for a hookup or you meet up with the intention of having casual sex, you might not realize that you needed to be prepared for the occasion. There are some things you need to have on hand so that you can make the most of each hookup that you have. Whether you’re meeting up with a woman at her place or you’re bringing her back to your place, having the right things on hand can help the hookup go much more smoothly. Here are some of the things that you really need to have on hand in order to make a hookup go much more smoothly every time you hook up: Plenty of Different Types of Condoms “Make your choice” Obviously, having condoms on hand is important for a hookup to go smoothly. If you have plenty of different types of condoms on hand, you’ll be prepared for every possibility. You won’t need to worry about a hookup not going through because you didn’t have protection. Plus, if she has a latex allergy or anything like that, having a variety of condoms to choose…

Why You Can Never Change From Long-Term to Short-Term In Relationships

As much as we can push relationships of passion further, it can be much messier to try and scale them back. Once we have made a commitment and been sexual with someone it can be hard to see them and not want to return to those moments of passion. For many, it is simply not possible. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having committed to a long-term relationship and wanting to be less serious your partner will more than likely have a problem with it. It’s really not possible to come across in a positive way when you tell someone you want to be less serious about them. Many people will tell you to get lost if you suddenly feel less strongly about them. You may not want to lose your girlfriend, but she might dump you if you try to scale things back. Taking The Open Relationship Approach “Keeping an open relationship would be less insulting than break up” If you seriously just want to keep having sex with her and don’t care what she does, you could try suggesting an open relationship. You can claim you want to be with her forever, you just want to be with other people too. This has the potential…

Boosting Self-Confidence To Get Laid

If you find yourself having trouble attracting women to you for even a date let alone sex, it may be time to take a look at yourself and see how you’re projecting yourself to women. There are many major pitfalls we as men can make when trying to get sex out of women and a lack of self-confidence is a leading problem. Women classically want men who are confident of themselves and their ability to command the world around them. If you go into searching for women to date with no self-confidence you aren’t likely to attract anyone at all. Even simple things like website profiles can sabotage your self-confidence and damage your chances of finding anyone who will sleep with you. Your best tool in dating is to feel better about yourself. If you feel you need some work in order to project yourself better take steps to make it happen and increase your odds of success in dating and sex. Get A Manly Makeover “Impress her with your looks” It may sound lame, but get a makeover dude! Seriously! Make sure your clothes are fresh and well tailored. Go shopping and try on a few new looks until you find something that just makes you feel good about…

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