The Best Photos to Include in Your Dating Profile

Having pictures in your dating profile is an essential part of getting women to respond to you. You obviously want to show off your good side when you’re trying to attract women on matchmaking sites – if your pictures aren’t good enough, she’ll just wind up passing you over. There are some types of pictures that are better than others when it comes to the purposes of dating sites, and knowing what pictures are best for your profile will help you make the best impression possible. Before you start uploading all your selfies and school pictures to your dating profile, here are some of the best types of photos that you should be included in your dating profiles: Photos That Show You Being Active “Pictures that shows you are a gym guy” If you want to show off, then taking a picture of your abs isn’t really the way to do it. It’s much better if you take pictures of yourself being active. Participating in sports or swimming or anything like that is a good way to show off your body without seeming like you’re one of those guys who lifts his shirt up and takes pictures of his abs in the mirror. It’s just a classier way to show…

Setting the Right Tone in Your Profile and Your Messages

“Don’t send her repeated messages” Getting women to respond to you when you’re sending out messages on dating sites and matchmaking sites isn’t always easy. Sometimes you get a brief conversation going, but you can’t seem to keep her interested. Sometimes she rejects you right off the bat and calls you creepy or doesn’t seem interested. Sometimes she ignores your messages entirely. No matter what the case is, it obviously isn’t ideal. There’s a certain way you should type when you’re trying to contact women on dating sites, and knowing the proper tone will help you get more women to contact you and keep in touch. This will help you increase your chances for hooking up, so it’s definitely worth learning. Here’s what you need to learn: Figuring out What You Want to get from the Experience “Keep your intentions clear while messaging her” If you’re looking for a casual hookup, your tone should be different than if you are looking to meet your future wife on the site. Try to match your tone in your profile and messages to what you are looking to gain from the experience. Be casual if you’re looking for a casual relationship, and be a bit more serious if you’re looking for something more…

Common Lies Girls Tell in Dating Profiles

When you’re writing your dating profile, you probably like to stretch the truth a little bit every now and then. It’s much nicer to say that you’re currently exploring life and spending time having fun with your friends than to say that you’re jobless and drifting, for example. Well, girls like to lie about themselves on their dating profiles quite often, too. Once you realize that fact, you might be wondering what sort of things she likes to lie about. There are some common things girls tend to lie about on their dating profiles. If this sort of thing bothers you, you’ll probably want to know ahead of time what she might be lying about. In that case, here are some of the most common lies people like to tell on their dating profiles: She Lies about Her Age “Woman mostly lie about their age” One of the most common things for women to lie about on their profile is their age. This probably seems silly to you, but women tend to lie about this in real life and that behavior doesn’t quit once they get on the Internet and start using matchmaking sites. If you don’t care how old she is or anything, then it obviously isn’t going to…

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