How to Tell if She’s Secretly Looking for a Relationship

“Don’t get confused, go through her profile again” When you’re hitting up personals sites and dating sites, you want to contact the women that are interested in what you’re interested in as well. That means that you don’t want to contact women who are there looking for their future husband, especially if you just want to have a chance to hook up and have some fun. However, it’s not always easy to tell what kind of woman you’re talking to when you just have their profile to go off of. If you’re trying to find the right type of women to talk to, it’s imperative that you be able to figure out what she’s actually looking for. That means you want to know if she’s secretly looking for a long-term relationship even though her profile doesn’t advertise that fact. If you’re interested in learning how to do this, here’s what you need to keep an eye out for: Her Profile Mentions Her Long-Term Goals If you notice that her profile mentions her hopes for the future, then that could be a sign that she’s looking for a more serious commitment than a hookup. If she outlines her entire life plan about how she wants to get married and have kids…

How to Decipher What She’s Really Looking for from Her Profile

Reading dating profiles can sometimes seem like a difficult task. After a while, they start to all blend together and you may not really be sure what you’re looking at anymore. While that’s normal, it is definitely not going to help you find the right kind of woman for you. There are certain things that a woman’s profile can say about her, and it might not be in flashing letters at the top of the page. If you’re looking for something specific from your time on a dating and matchmaking website, you will want to learn how to decipher and decode what she’s really trying to say in her profile. Here are some things she might be looking to get from her time on the site and how you can tell that’s what she’s after: She’s Looking for a Casual Boyfriend If a woman is looking for a casual boyfriend, it should usually be pretty obvious on her profile. She talks about wanting someone to hang out with and mentions what she’s looking for in a boyfriend. Seems obvious, right? But what’s to make you think she’s not looking for serious commitment? Basically, you need to look at how serious she seems about it. If she doesn’t seem like she’s…

Best Gifts to Bring When You Meet for a Hookup

When you’re meeting up with a woman for a hookup, chances are that you aren’t really thinking about what you should bring her. If you’re looking to score some brownie points, though, bringing a gift with you can make her feel that much more comfortable about the situation. It can also make the hookup go much more smoothly for you, which is why it’s awesome to bring a gift with you. It’ll help make her feel less like she’s a random booty call and more like you’re sharing something special. Not just any gift will work, though. There are some things you can give her that will leave a better impression than others. If you’re going to be having a hookup soon, here are some of the best gifts you should consider bringing with you: A Bottle of Wine or a Different Alcoholic Beverage “Gifting a wine of bottle makes you classy in her eyes” Bringing a bottle of wine might not seem like a good idea, but it really is a good gift to give someone when you want to hook up. You can share the bottle and have a nice drink to help the both of you relax. Even if she decides not to drink it then, she…

3 Things All Women Want in Their Perfect Man

“Be her Mr. Right” Some desires are so basic that they span cultures. Some parts of love and compatibility are so distilled and pure that it doesn’t matter what subculture she’s from. A high powered business woman and a sweet lady who just wants to stay home with her kids one day will both have the same sort of standards for the man that they want to marry. By understanding this basic fact of human nature you can try to guess who you’re stacking up in the eyes of any woman you meet. Look at what sort of life she leads, look at how you get on, and see how you’re doing on these three fronts. A Similar Sense of Humor When women say that they want a man with a good sense of humor what they really mean is that they want a man with a compatible sense of humor. Women don’t tend to like fart jokes, for example, but that doesn’t mean that the man laughing at them doesn’t have a sense of humor. In fact, the opposite is far more likely. But it also doesn’t mean that just because she thinks that’s a pretty dumb joke doesn’t mean that she’s lacking a sense of humor. There are…

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