The Worst Photos to Include in Your Dating Profile

Having the right pictures in your dating profile is a hugely important part of getting women interested in talking to you and meeting up with you. If you have the wrong pictures on your profile, you’re not going to get many responses from women and you won’t get the chances to hook up that you want. It’s very simple to pick the right pictures for your profile if you know what will appeal to women. There are some types of photos that you should just never include in your dating profile, either because they’re not attractive to women or because they don’t give a good enough look at you. If you’re staring at your album of selfies and not sure what to do, we have plenty of information on what pictures NOT to include in your dating profile. Here’s what you need to know: Blurry or Old Pictures “Women will not fancy blurred pictures” Using pictures that are blurry is never a good idea. If all your pictures look slightly out of focus, she’s not going to be able to get a good look at you. Women who see pictures that are blurry or old are likely just going to head back to find someone else’s profile to look at.…

The 3 Kinds of Hobbies That Look Good in Profiles

When you’re getting ready to impress a woman you have to speak to the kinds of things that she likes. When you go online to a love matching site you have to figure out how to present yourself as a great guy. Of course, you don’t want to actually lie. Just think of some hobbies that you’ve always wanted to take up and see if they fit into any of these categories. If they do, put them down in your profile and then hit the town to make them a reality. With a little effort and forethought you can become the kind of man that all the women want to marry. Nurturing Hobbies “Women love men who can cook” Women love men who can nurture. This speaks to the part of their brain that’s designed to look for the best father possible. Even when women don’t want to have or adopt children themselves they still look for these traits. It’s built into the way that they’re raised. What counts as a nurturing hobby? Basically, anything that helps you create something and then care for it can be seen as nurturing. If you’re a good cook, that can count. Food is both inherently sensual and life giving. You’re seen as a…

Sending The Right Message The First Time When Online Dating

When you get into the online world of matchmaking websites you’ll soon begin to discover the importance and fine art of sending the right message to potential matches. Everything hangs in the delicate balance of that first message. You will project yourself as you ask someone out on a date, and you will be judged harshly by the recipient depending on what you say. It’s best to avoid the flippant message where you act like you’re too cool to care about a date. Avoiding putting yourself out there won’t result in meaningful matches. Your first message should show personality and genuine care. It’s best to craft a meaningful message full of intention and actual interest in who you’re talking to. Don’t create a standard first message and send it to every potential match. Take the time to interact with each woman individually as you’ll want to showcase different aspects of your own personality depending on whom you talk to. Not every match will want to hear about how you love to play viola, just like some will want to talk about hockey but not football. Take your time and figure out what you have in common and can bring to the table in a first meeting. Getting To Know Her…

Getting A Long Distance Relationship To Work For You

The unfortunate backlash of Internet dating can be finding the most amazing partner in the world. Literally the world, quite possibly on another continent all together. If one or both of you is rich, it might not be such an obstacle but it can be a major concern for most people. Depending on just how much you like this new girl and just how far away she is, you may be willing to try out the dreaded long distance relationship. But be aware that in many ways it will require more trust and communication than a girlfriend who lives with you all the time. Don’t take it lightly and it may work out, but you should seriously consider if you can handle the struggle and commitment of a long distance relationship. Scheduling Time For Each Other “Make sure to call each other every day” The most important part of a long distance relationship is making sure you get some quality time as a couple, even if it’s just talking on the phone or on Skype when you don’t have a chance to be face to face. Be sure to plan time to spend together online or on the phone at night. Have rituals of texting good morning and good night…

4 Fibs You Should Tell to Find True Love on a Matching Site

“Life is a game and true love is trophy, Go find one” This isn’t exactly about lying. You shouldn’t lie to a matchmaking site about anything that’s really important. You should be honest about the way that you handle money, for example. This is the kind of thing that couples really fight about and really break up over. However, there are some less important areas of the quiz where you should fib in order to moderate your responses. If you want to be matched to the widest possible selection of attractive women, here are four fibs that you should tell to make your profile fit the majority, so that only the really important parts are counted. You Have Creative Hobbies Ever wonder why that jerk in college who played his guitar between classes got all the women? Ladies love creative hobbies because they show that their man is more than a strong, silent presence. You need to have both intelligence and sensitivity to play a musical instrument, cook great meals, or carve statues out of marble. It really doesn’t matter what great thing you have going for you in other areas if you don’t have this down. This is what sets you apart from the other males. Anyone can bring…

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