Why You Should Lie About Wanting A Long-Term Relationship

It’s hard to find women who are willing to keep a relationship casual, but if you’re willing to lie about your level of commitment that doesn’t have to matter! It’s no secret most women are looking for a man who will be with them forever, but you don’t have to actually want to be with them forever to say that you do. You’re likely to get a much better girlfriend if you’re willing to say you want a long-term relationship. Also there are many more women to choose from. It’s relatively easy to break up with anyone if you decide you’re not interested anymore, you can always claim you wanted it to last but things just didn’t work out. You might be surprised and actually find someone you want to stay with, in which case great she’s already interested in that! But probably not, let’s be real! It’s more about getting a better quality date if you can deal with a little clinginess! Women Who Think You’re Theirs Will Do More For You “Faking your commitment helps you get anything from her” When women think you’re committed, they’re more inclined to do nice things for you. She might make you lunch or give you a great blowjob when you get…

Setting the Right Tone in Your Profile and Your Messages

“Don’t send her repeated messages” Getting women to respond to you when you’re sending out messages on dating sites and matchmaking sites isn’t always easy. Sometimes you get a brief conversation going, but you can’t seem to keep her interested. Sometimes she rejects you right off the bat and calls you creepy or doesn’t seem interested. Sometimes she ignores your messages entirely. No matter what the case is, it obviously isn’t ideal. There’s a certain way you should type when you’re trying to contact women on dating sites, and knowing the proper tone will help you get more women to contact you and keep in touch. This will help you increase your chances for hooking up, so it’s definitely worth learning. Here’s what you need to learn: Figuring out What You Want to get from the Experience “Keep your intentions clear while messaging her” If you’re looking for a casual hookup, your tone should be different than if you are looking to meet your future wife on the site. Try to match your tone in your profile and messages to what you are looking to gain from the experience. Be casual if you’re looking for a casual relationship, and be a bit more serious if you’re looking for something more…

Getting A Long Distance Relationship To Work For You

The unfortunate backlash of Internet dating can be finding the most amazing partner in the world. Literally the world, quite possibly on another continent all together. If one or both of you is rich, it might not be such an obstacle but it can be a major concern for most people. Depending on just how much you like this new girl and just how far away she is, you may be willing to try out the dreaded long distance relationship. But be aware that in many ways it will require more trust and communication than a girlfriend who lives with you all the time. Don’t take it lightly and it may work out, but you should seriously consider if you can handle the struggle and commitment of a long distance relationship. Scheduling Time For Each Other “Make sure to call each other every day” The most important part of a long distance relationship is making sure you get some quality time as a couple, even if it’s just talking on the phone or on Skype when you don’t have a chance to be face to face. Be sure to plan time to spend together online or on the phone at night. Have rituals of texting good morning and good night…

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