Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Dating Profile

If you find yourself having a hard time attracting a possible match on any of the various matchmaking websites you’ve signed up for you may want to look over your profile again. It’s common for men to sabotage their profiles when first signing up for dating websites without meaning to. Be sure to include only positive information about yourself and don’t go out of your way to put yourself down in your own profile. Be sure to upload friendly looking profile pictures and not act too mysterious in your description of yourself. You want to create an image of yourself that women can fall in love with and you won’t do that with dorky photos and self-criticism. You don’t have to lie and claim to be great at things you are not, but you can find more positive ways to describe yourself to the Internet at large that will prove more successful in attracting women. Negativity and Excuses Are Always A Turn Off “Stop whining about your previous relationships, it will frustrate her” Be aware of how you phrase things in your profile and be sure to avoid negative language or make up long winded explanations that read more like excuses than interesting information about yourself. You don’t have to…

Ways to Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Hot and Steamy

As far as a lot of people are concerned, long distance relationships are doomed to fail. This is because they require a lot of effort to maintain while at the same time, both people involved are missing out on some of the most crucial elements of regular relationships. While this does in fact make long distance relationships more inclined to fail, it doesn’t mean that they’re all going to end badly. In fact, many can and are able to last. Many people feel that the lack of intimacy is what makes any kind of long distance commitment prone to failure, but the actual truth of the matter is that you can totally have intimacy between two people even if they are located far apart. All it takes is some ingenuity and patience. Invest in a Webcam “Have a chat with your long distance partner through webcam” In this day and age, most laptops and many desktop computers will come with a webcam attached. However, if you don’t have a webcam, it’s not hard to acquire one for cheap. If you’re planning on using a webcam for the majority of your chats with your long distance partner, you might want to consider splurging a little in this department. Cheap webcams will…

The Best Photos to Include in Your Dating Profile

Having pictures in your dating profile is an essential part of getting women to respond to you. You obviously want to show off your good side when you’re trying to attract women on matchmaking sites – if your pictures aren’t good enough, she’ll just wind up passing you over. There are some types of pictures that are better than others when it comes to the purposes of dating sites, and knowing what pictures are best for your profile will help you make the best impression possible. Before you start uploading all your selfies and school pictures to your dating profile, here are some of the best types of photos that you should be included in your dating profiles: Photos That Show You Being Active “Pictures that shows you are a gym guy” If you want to show off, then taking a picture of your abs isn’t really the way to do it. It’s much better if you take pictures of yourself being active. Participating in sports or swimming or anything like that is a good way to show off your body without seeming like you’re one of those guys who lifts his shirt up and takes pictures of his abs in the mirror. It’s just a classier way to show…

The 3 Kinds of Hobbies That Look Good in Profiles

When you’re getting ready to impress a woman you have to speak to the kinds of things that she likes. When you go online to a love matching site you have to figure out how to present yourself as a great guy. Of course, you don’t want to actually lie. Just think of some hobbies that you’ve always wanted to take up and see if they fit into any of these categories. If they do, put them down in your profile and then hit the town to make them a reality. With a little effort and forethought you can become the kind of man that all the women want to marry. Nurturing Hobbies “Women love men who can cook” Women love men who can nurture. This speaks to the part of their brain that’s designed to look for the best father possible. Even when women don’t want to have or adopt children themselves they still look for these traits. It’s built into the way that they’re raised. What counts as a nurturing hobby? Basically, anything that helps you create something and then care for it can be seen as nurturing. If you’re a good cook, that can count. Food is both inherently sensual and life giving. You’re seen as a…

How to Decipher What She’s Really Looking for from Her Profile

Reading dating profiles can sometimes seem like a difficult task. After a while, they start to all blend together and you may not really be sure what you’re looking at anymore. While that’s normal, it is definitely not going to help you find the right kind of woman for you. There are certain things that a woman’s profile can say about her, and it might not be in flashing letters at the top of the page. If you’re looking for something specific from your time on a dating and matchmaking website, you will want to learn how to decipher and decode what she’s really trying to say in her profile. Here are some things she might be looking to get from her time on the site and how you can tell that’s what she’s after: She’s Looking for a Casual Boyfriend If a woman is looking for a casual boyfriend, it should usually be pretty obvious on her profile. She talks about wanting someone to hang out with and mentions what she’s looking for in a boyfriend. Seems obvious, right? But what’s to make you think she’s not looking for serious commitment? Basically, you need to look at how serious she seems about it. If she doesn’t seem like she’s…

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